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Redskins finish in last place, 2011 opponents set

(UPDATED at 9:27 p.m.)

The Redskins’ 17-14 loss to New York, coupled with Dallas’ 14-13 win at Philadelphia, means Washington has finished in last place in the NFC East for the third straight season. Washington and Dallas both finished 6-10, but Dallas was 3-3 in the division while the Redskins were 2-4.

And that means Washington’s 2011 opponents are set. This list was released by the team tonight.

This is unofficial, but it’s based on the schedule formula specified in the NFL Record and Fact Book and the rotation of where the Redskins have played opponents in recent years.

HOME: Dallas, Philadelphia, New York, Minnesota, New England, NY Jets, Arizona*, San Francisco

AWAY: Dallas, Philadelphia, New York, Carolina, Buffalo, Miami, Seattle*, St. Louis

*I updated the opponents to correct the locations of the games against Arizona and Seattle. A Redskins spokesman informed me that the NFL in 2009 tweaked the schedule formula to save teams from having to travel all the way out to San Francisco and Seattle in the same season. My original post had the Redskins hosting Seattle and San Francisco and visiting St. Louis and Seattle.

**Also, it’s important to keep in mind that next season could be 18 games instead of 16, meaning they’d have to add two more opponents.


  • Keys

    That sucks. I’d have liked to beat the Reds again.