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Redskins draft order scenarios entering SEA-STL game

If my calculations are correct, the Redskins will pick either 10th or 11th in the 2011 NFL Draft depending on which team wins tonight’s game between Seattle and St. Louis.

If Seattle wins or the game finishes tied, the Redskins will draft 10th.

If St. Louis wins, the Redskins will draft 11th.

As of now, there are eight teams tied with six victories. Strength of schedule is used as the tiebreaker.

Below is listed the draft order as of now. The number in parentheses is the total number of victories by that team’s 16 opponents. The more wins, the tougher your schedule, the worse your draft pick is.

7th. San Francisco (123)

8th. Seattle** (124)

9th. Tennessee (130)

10th. Dallas (131)

11th. Washington (132)

12th. Houston (134)

13th. Minnesota (138)

14th. Detroit (139)

***If the Seahawks win, they will be 7-9 and therefore pick after the 6-10 Redskins. If Seattle loses, the Redskins would pick after the Seahawks because the Seahawks finished 6-10 with an easier schedule than Washington.

And if the Rams win, the Redskins’ opponents will finish the season with 133 wins–not enough to fall behind Houston.

If the tonight’s game is a tie, Seattle would be 6-9-1 and pick after all the 6-10 teams.

Got it?