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Portis not particularly keen on taking a pay cut

Clinton Portis came through the locker room at Redskins Park this morning to tie up a few loose ends and say some goodbyes. He exchanged high-fives and laughs with several players, some of whom he has known since he arrived in 2004. The injured running back knows his days inside that locker room might be numbered, and such scenes are familiar as a season nears its conclusion.

Portis is under contract for 2011, but because his scheduled base salary is $8.3 million, he almost certainly would have to renegotiate his deal for the Redskins to be willing to bring him back. That’s simply too much money for a back who will be 30 next September and will have missed 19 of the last 32 games due to injury.

Portis, however, did not seem ready to embrace that possibility as he stood at his locker in front of more than a dozen reporters.

“Let’s see, if they asked me, what would I want to do?” he said. “Let’s see, I played for pennies in Denver, and I guess I would be considered awesome. And I gave everything I had in Washington D.C. and was supposedly overpaid and the last two years where I’ve been injury-riddled and on [injured reserve], it’s like he overpaid and he don’t deserve it. There’s plenty of people around the NFL whose stats or numbers don’t come close, who making the same kind of money as I’m making. So that’s up to them. I can’t sit here and say, ‘Ooh, I want to take a pay cut.’

“I really want a pay raise, to be honest,” he said with a chuckle. “That’s up to them.”

Portis’ contract includes no more guaranteed money, according to a league source familiar with its details, so the team could release him this offseason at no cost.