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Carlos Rogers on home fans’ heckling: “It’s not helpful.”

The Redskins’ 17-13 loss to Minnesota yesterday was their fourth defeat in six home games this season. Playoff-caliber teams don’t post a 33 percent home winning percentage, and, well, that tells you what you need to know about Washington’s postseason prospects with five games to play.

Home fans understandably express frustration and disappointment when their team is losing, and that’s usually true at FedEx Field.

Cornerback Carlos Rogers, for one, has noticed.

“Sometimes when you’re at home, you feel you’re away,” he said this morning. “You get so bashed at home for any little mistake. We come to the bench, it’s cussing, it’s this, it’s that and we’re just in the first quarter. Sometimes when we’re away we don’t even hear that.

“I think we play better away, so the fans are quieter. We’re home, I don’t know the problem, but we’re still wanting that support from fans. Me and some guys were talking: If you don’t like the team or you don’t want to support us through the good or the bad, why come out to the games? We still need your support. We’re already losing, then to hear some of our fans, it’s not helpful. We try to block it out.”

Rogers, though, understands their emotion.

“I love these fans,” he said. “We have good fans, good supportive fans. I guess they’re hard on us and we do give them a reason to be hard on us. We’re not winning. At the same time, you do want that support and encouragement that you call can turn it around.”

Linebacker London Fletcher knows the only way to get fans behind the team is to play better.

“We know we can have a great home field advantage if we give our fans something to cheer about,” he said. “It was a great opportunity for us to get our fans into the game and keep them into the game yesterday, but we just weren’t able to perform for 60 minutes.”


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