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Tonight’s full Q&A with Albert Haynesworth

In the interest of upholding one of the Washington Redskins’ finest traditions, here’s the full transcript of tonight’s postgame interview with Albert Haynesworth. He played extensively (the coaching staff’s goal was to get him about 30 plays) at right defensive end during the first three quarters.

That made for a content Albert afterwards.

Q: You played a lot at right end and deep into the third quarter. It looks like they’re trying to get you ready to start the season.

A: “That’s what they wanted me to do this week, so we practice a lot at end to get a feel for it and everything.”

Q: How do you feel you did?

A: “Good. I’ve still got a lot of work to do. I’ve got to stop trying to go upfield and react to my guy that I’m playing, the offensive tackle or the guard.”

Q: Were you happy with the way you were utilized, moving around on the line?

A: “That’s just our scheme, the way we do stuff. We’ve been practicing that for a while. I’ve been doing a lot of walk-throughs and stuff like that after practice with the coaches, so that was the first time getting live action.

Q: Does your mindset change now that the regular season is almost here? Are you taking things more seriously?

A: “Any time you suit up you’ve got to take it serious. I’m just really right now just trying to get down to getting that end and the 3-4 defense down to where I can be dominant in it and just play my best.”

Q: In terms of base stuff and nickel stuff, are you completely comfortable at nose and end in terms of knowing your assignments?

A: “Yeah. The base stuff is more when I play the end or the nose, either one. The nickel stuff is going back to a 4-3, so it’s something I already know. I’ve just got to get used to that left-handed stance.”

Q: Do you feel like your closer to where you can dominate?

A: “My body feels great as far as the wind and the power and everything. I just kind of got to get my balance moving sideways and holding my gap and things like that. In the 3-4 you’ve really got to hold your gap. You can, like a 4-3, the linebackers can cover you and stuff like that, but in the 3-4, you have your gap, and if you don’t have your gap then the ball can cut in there.”

Q: Did you gamble too much tonight in terms of trying to pursue like you’re saying?

A: “Yeah. I still had that 4-3 mindset, trying to make plays and things like that. I can definitely improve a whole lot, but I didn’t play horrible. I did better for playing the first time at end in a 3-4.”

Q: Did you and Mike [Shanahan] have a meeting after last week’s game?

A: “Not really. We talked a little bit. We talked a little bit more tonight, I guess. I think I saved his life from getting hit in the head with a ball.”

Q: So you guys are good friends now?

A: “Yeah, I mean, I’m going over to dinner at his house probably tonight, and we’re gonna have a cigar and talk.”

Q: Do you feel like you guys are on the same page?

A: “Yeah, I mean, I think we are. I’m getting adjusted to the defense. I’m gonna play hard and I’m going to play my best. That’s all we’re gonna do. We want to win. That’s the main goal, winning.”

Q: What you said last week, do you think that’s behind you?

A: “Yeah, it’s behind me. I don’t even remember what I said last week.”