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Albert Haynesworth fails test, will try again tomorrow

Albert Haynesworth’s return to practice with his teammates was delayed at least another day because he didn’t pass his conditioning test, coach Mike Shanahan confirmed after opening training camp today with an afternoon practice.

“Albert has got a lot of ability,” Shanahan said. “If we get him in shape, if we get him in great football shape, he can help us. We’re not going to put him out there until he’s in that type of shape.”

Multiple sources with knowledge of the situation confirmed a Washington Post report that Haynesworth failed the test–which included two timed sets of six 50-yard shuttle runs–after he left the field to use the restroom following the first set.

Players are given a limited amount of time between sets, and Haynesworth was forced to start over from the beginning when he returned to the field from the building despite having met the time requirement for the first set, sources said. Perhaps it’s worth noting that there is a portable toilet on the sideline of the practice fields at Redskins Park, but I’m told Haynesworth used a restroom inside the building.

Shanahan would not confirm details of the test or say why Haynesworth failed. He also denied a report that he and Haynesworth exchanged tense words after Haynesworth failed.

“Albert was first class all the way,” Shanahan insisted. “He understood where I was coming from. He understands that he’s got to be at a certain level to go out on the field and practice with the rest of our football team.”

Haynesworth spent 40 minutes during the 70-minute practice on the treadmill inside the Redskins Park weight room, Shanahan said. After practice, he worked on a side field with defensive coordinator Jim Haslett and defensive line coach Jacob Burney for about 20 minutes.

Haynesworth, who appeared thinner than he ever did last season, declined comment through a team spokesman. Haslett also did not comment.

Shanahan said that Haynesworth was the only player tested because he did not meet an unspecified threshold of attendance at the team’s offseason conditioning program. Other players, Shanahan said, did enough running drills during the program to prove to him that they are in shape.

Meanwhile, cornerback DeAngelo Hall was not fazed by Haynesworth’s failure because he knows how difficult those tests can be.

“The conditioning test, a lot of us guys that were here 100 percent couldn’t have passed that thing,” Hall said. “But that’s what conditioning tests are. That’s what they’re supposed to be for. They’re supposed to be, some of them, unattainable. Ones we’ve had in the past were definitely unattainable. But, you know, Haynes still came out here and gave it his all, man. He’s doing everything he’s got to do to get out on the field.”

Shanahan said Haynesworth will have once chance per day to pass the test. He’ll try again tomorrow morning before the Redskins practice at 8:30.

“Hopefully he’ll get it done tomorrow, but it make take two or three days,” Shanahan said. “It may take a week. I really don’t know.”


  • Bill Wishard

    Pretty obvious he is out of shape. Cut him and use the millions to bring in someone that can stay in playing shape and can contribute in a positive way. Probably able to bring in more than one player with his salary and incentives.