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Mike Shanahan on Moss: “Let’s wait until the facts come in.”

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan this afternoon cautioned against assuming that receiver Santana Moss is guilty of violating the NFL’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs in light of a Buffalo News report that strongly links Moss to a Canadian doctor charged with unlawful distribution of human growth hormone.

“I haven’t talked to Santana,” Shanahan said after a speaking engagement in Leesburg. “Just let’s wait until the facts come in, exactly what’s going on.”

Shanahan said he would talk to Moss “at the right time.”

The Buffalo News reported that Dr. Anthony Galea and his assistant were en route to meet with Moss in Washington on Sept. 14 when Galea’s assistant was detained at the U.S.-Canada border with HGH, the unapproved drug Actovegin, syringes and other drugs and medical supplies.

The report, when matched with an ESPN report citing Canadian court documents, indirectly identifies Moss as having receiving HGH from Galea.

If the NFL determines that Moss used HGH, bought it or otherwise possessed it illegally, he would face a suspension. Similar offenses in the past have garnered four-game suspensions, which amount to a quarter of the NFL season.

“I think we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves,” Shanahan said when asked about the possibility of Moss being suspended. “Let’s just wait. I don’t know anything about it, just what I’ve read. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Shanahan said on Wednesday that the NFL had not contacted the team about the matter, and that has not changed in light of today’s report, he said. He indicated the team had nothing to gain by reaching out to the league.

“I’ve talked to people whose names have been associated with [Galea] before, and there’s been a lot of things that have happened, a lot of people [whose] names have been associated, and there’s been no repercussions,” Shanahan said. “So I think we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves.”

But if Moss is found to have used HGH?

“I think we understand the rules of the NFL,” Shanahan said. “If someone doesn’t abide by those rules, they pay the price.”