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Rabach confirms negotiations with Redskins

Veteran center Casey Rabach this afternoon confirmed a Washington Post report that his agent is negotiating with the Redskins about extending his stint with the team.

Rabach, 32, was one of the best two offensive lineman last season on a unit that struggled due to injuries and talent deficiencies. He’s scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent next Friday unless he and the team can agree on a new deal before then.

Rabach phoned from his offseason home in Wisconsin and said that discussions between his agent and Redskins officials picked up earlier this week and will continue at the combine this weekend.

"If the right deal is in place, there’s no reason to hit the open market," he said.

Every free agent wants to maximize his long-term job security, his playing time and his chances of playing for a winner, and Rabach is no exception. 

"I’d love to come back," he said.

Rabach has started all but one game for the Redskins over the last five seasons. Bringing him back would help stabilize a unit that could be significantly overhauled this offseason. 

He also marveled at the amount of snow the D.C. area has received since he departed for the offseason. I’ve never experienced a Wisconsin winter first hand, but this has to be similar.

"But they know how to get rid of the snow up here," he joked.