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Haynesworth: “I’m sick of losing”

Disgruntled Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth met with reporters after tonight’s 17-0 loss to Dallas and answered some questions about his comments to the Washington Post on Friday and his general state of mind. Here’s the full transcription for you.

Why wait until this week to say what you did?

"Just frustration being 4-10 at that point. I’m a competitor. I want to win no matter whatever I do. I want to win. Like in the offseason as far as boats and stuff like that, I’ve got to have the fastest boat. I’ve got to have the fastest car–which got me in trouble a few times. But I always want to win at whatever I do. It’s the same thing with football. This is my livelihood. I’m very competitive. I definitely hate to lose no matter what."

Talking about leadership, how much you do put on yourself considering your one of the highest-profile players on the team?

"A contract don’t make you, as far as leadership. I’ve never been a guy that wants to talk or get in front of the team and say whatever. It’s not me. I just like to go play the game and do that. I’m not a guy that’s going to try to hype up people and all that stuff. I don’t even want to be a captain and go out there in the middle of the coin toss because I consider the other team the enemy and I don’t want to shake hands until after the game."

How were you received on Saturday when you returned to the team?

"The same as every other Saturday. There was nothing different. We hung out. We talked, whatever."

Nobody brought it up?

"No, not really. Well, they asked: ‘Oh, you’re boycotting practice now? They said you’re trying to bar people from coming out to practice.’ I guess. That’s what they said. We kind of made light of it and everything, but everything was alright."

How did Jim Zorn and Greg Blache receive you?

"I talked to Blache. We’re all great. Everything is fine. We’re grown men. You could disagree, and that’s fine. We don’t hate each other. There’s no love lost or anything between. We’re still the same."

Had you talked with Greg previously about your role?

"In different ways, a little bit. Like, in his office and stuff. But what I said Monday night, it’s frustration. I’m sick of losing. I’m not a loser. This team is not losers. We’re a good team. We’ve got a lot of talent. We just need to put it together."

The team hasn’t made a good impression on Bruce Allen, has it?

"Probably not. But if he really watched the film and really watched some of the guys that play hard and stuff, we’ve got a great nucleus around here. We’ve just got to get the key components to make it right. I don’t think he’s thinking that we have to blow up this team and start from ground zero. I don’t think he would be thinking that because we have a lot of great players around here."

Do you believe those key components are a new defensive coordinator and head coach?

"I don’t know what those components are. I’m just a football player."

Are you sorry you came here?

"No, I’m not sorry I came here. It was between here and Tampa, so you tell me that."  


  • R4 DS

    orry, but he’s got to go. He’s just going to be one of those guys that can’t stay healthy.

    I’d rather have small, quick and healthy than tall and injured.