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Former coach Joe Gibbs speaks

Seasons greetings to everyone. Former coach Joe Gibbs, in town with some family to watch tonight’s game against Dallas, met with reporters in the FedEx Field press box. He discussed the state of the team and how he no longer has any role:

On the Redskins hiring Bruce Allen as their new general manager:

"There’s certainly a tradition there. I know that Dan’s making the moves he thinks will strengthen the team."

On whether owner Daniel Snyder consults him when making decisions:

"I haven’t talked to Dan about major decisions or anything. When I talk to him it’s kind of as a friend. For me, I just know that he has a burning passion for the team and he’s going to try to do what’s right."

On Vinny Cerrato’s recent departure:

"I think Vinny and I, I felt like, had a great working relationship. I think when I worked with him we were real comfortable with each other. I go all the way back to our very first free agency and the group that we brought in here. I was proud of our drafts. But I also know that things certainly can happen in an organization. It’s hard fro somebody to stay a real long time. It’s just one of those things where I think a decision was made to go in a different direction."

On whether he foresees any circumstances under which he’ll have a role with the Redskins?

"I think with me and all I’ve got going with my family and everything in Charlotte and with all the racing, it’s extremely hard for me. I’m gone. I think Dan knows that. We talked and talk as friends."

More on whether Snyder consults him:

"I don’t think I should have been. I’m not here. I’m gone, so I don’t think that was my place. I think Dan and the other people that he’s conferring with to make those decisions, I think that’s the right way to make it. They’re here all the time and spend all their time with it. I think that’s the way it should be."

On what he would say to embattled coach Jim Zorn?

"I think the NFL, we all know with that job, how tough it is. I’ve always said it’s, if not the best job in the world, probably one of the most coveted jobs that anybody could ever have. To gone along with that is extreme and intense pressure. I think that’s the reason we all like it so much. It’s trying to climb the mountain of adversity. I’m hoping everything works out for Coach Zorn. He’s a heck of a person. Hopefully that’s what happens. I think he knows. He’s in the coaching profession. He knows how tough it is. It’s an extremely tough job to have."

On whether he misses coaching?

"I think you miss the personality part of it. The tough part of it. All the fun things, the relationships. It’s always the people that you miss the most. I think it’s, like I said, I’m one of the most fortunate people in the world to have that job twice. Me and the family will always cherish that."

On the late broadcasting icon George Michael:

"I just really appreciate George’s passion. He probably had a passion for what he did that’s hard to describe. I think it was great at it. We all respected him. I’m going to sorely miss him." spoke to reporters in the FedEx Field press box tonight. He touched on several subjects, including how he is not involved with making decisions for this team. The highlights:



  • R4 DS

    orry, but he’s got to go. He’s just going to be one of those guys that can’t stay healthy.

    I’d rather have small, quick and healthy than tall and injured.