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Gray won’t address report

Redskins secondary coach Jerry Gray granted an interview after tonight’s 45-12 loss to the New York Giants on the condition that no one ask him about the Washington Post report that he already has interviewed to replace head coach Jim Zorn.

He had a chance to deny that he had, in fact, gone behind Zorn’s back to try to take his job–but he would not. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from there.

Gray, however, did glance the subject with his response to a question about how the Redskins’ preparation this week was imapcted by the distractions with the general manager and head coach:

"To me, I think you’ve got to be professional about it because I think everybody is interviewing-players and coaches," Gray said. "Everybody is interviewing for Bruce. We’ve got to make sure that if you’re going to be here, you’ve got to do your best. If you’re not, then this is up to him to evaluate you."

As for tonight’s game, Gray believed the Redskins’ biggest problem was their inability to stop New York Giants on third downs. The Giants were 11 of 15 (73 percent) on third-down conversions.

"You’re embarrassed for those guys because you’re in the same bed," Gray said. "You coach those guys. You understand the pain that they’re going through. Our guys understand that when you give up 45 points, that’s a direct reflection of us on the back end."


  • Jerkules

    I think in Snyder-world he would make the perfect choice for the next head coach. The offensive line and the secondary are probably the Redskins weakest areas so why wouldn?t you promote one of those coaches to head coach. Maybe the Redskins can finally achieve that perfect season they?ve been working towards 0-16

  • R4 DS

    orry, but he’s got to go. He’s just going to be one of those guys that can’t stay healthy.

    I’d rather have small, quick and healthy than tall and injured.