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Redskins remember Sean Taylor

As you might remember, former Redskins safety Sean Taylor died two years ago today. The Redskins didn’t do anything as a team this morning to mark the occasion, players said. But some individuals remembered Taylor.

"I have my little thing that I do personally every year to pay my respects to Sean," running back Rock Cartwright said. "He’s definitely missed. There’s a not a day that goes by here when I don’t think about him."

"I didn’t do nothing special," wide receiver Santana Moss said. "I don’t like to go back to it. I speak to him when I can, mostly every day, so it’s not like this particular day is different."

Several players shook their heads at the notion of two years having passed. There has been some significant change in the meantime: 22 of the Redskins’ 53 players didn’t play with Taylor.

"Time flies," Cartwright said. "You’ve just got to keep moving forward."

"We appreciate who he was and why he was here," Moss said. "I play for him every Sunday."