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Gray elusive about his U of Memphis candidacy

Redskins secondary coach Jerry Gray played a game of dodge ball this afternoon with our questions about his candidacy for the University of Memphis head coaching vacancy. It has been reported that he is a finalist for the job, and elsewhere that he has been chosen for the job.

Gray reportedly spent Monday and Tuesday in Memphis interviewing. His connection to the opening is believed to be through Frederick Smith, a minority owner of the Redskins, the CEO of FedEx Corp., and an influential Memphis booster.

Gray tried to steer our conversation toward the Redskins’ game on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles, but he spoke in generalities that shed some light on his situation.

"It’s tough right now because if you take a look we’ve got the Philadelphia Eagles this week, and you’ve got  a whole bunch of other stuff going on and the distractions are around," he said. "The distractions are going to be there, but the thing you’ve got to do is still focus in a little bit harder."

If Gray gets the job, that likely will be publicized shortly after Memphis wraps up its season on Friday.

Asked whether he’s confident he’ll be with the Redskins for the rest of the NFL season, Gray said: "We’ll see."

Gray is in his 13th season as an NFL head coach following his nine seasons as a player. He was a four-time all-pro cornerback.

"To me, I think, you know it’s your time," he said about his well-known desire to be a head coach. "There will be people trying to get you, so that’s your time."