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Gibbs dismisses rumors of return

Anyone hoping Joe Gibbs will return to the Redskins can stop holding their breath.

He quashed the idea during an interview at a NASCAR race in Martinsville. According to the Associated Press story, Gibbs said: 

"That’s what it is. Talk. Right here’s where I’m GM-ing." stirred up talk of a possible return earlier this week. Since then the notion has been shot down repeatedly by the team and Gibbs.

As for the current state of the Redskins, Gibbs said:

"When I was there last go-round, we had somebody that was a passionate owner, cared about things and supported me in every way," he said. "I think any NFL team, it’s tough when you’re not winning, and those things are easy to get off. All you’ve got to do is look around this year and Tennessee and some of the other teams are struggling that were real good last year."

"It’s easy to get ‘em off and I think it takes a while to get them straightened out," Gibbs said of NFL teams’ fortunes. "Hopefully we get it going there [in Washington]."