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Reaction to Cerrato’s endorsement of Zorn

Just got back from a shortened open locker room session, where I was able to gather some reaction to this morning’s news that Vinny Cerrato, executive VP of football operations, said Jim Zorn will be the Redskins’ head coach for the rest of the season.

Zorn said that Cerrato didn’t offer him a private endorsement and that he hadn’t heard Cerrato’s radio show.

Anyway, here’s what Zorn said when he was asked for his reaction:

"I don’t necessarily have a reaction that because I am the head coach. Here’s how I think about it. I don’t want to really address that question from Vinny’s standpoint. My deal is: I’m the head football coach. I want to be here for the next 10 years. That’s my story. But I have a contract and it says what it says. I’m committed to these guys. It’s kind of a finality if it’s just end of the year stuff. I wouldn’t even begin to try to answer that question."

Reaction from players…

Jason Campbell: "That should relieve a lot of tension and stress. …We were the soap opera of the NFL for the last two weeks. Hopefully that calms down."

Antwaan Randle El: "It helps more so to keep the talking down about what’s going on."

Rock Cartwright: "I’m just so excited to hear the news. We can move forward past all the he-said, she-said stuff."

London Fletcher: "I’m fine with coach Zorn, so I’m happy for him, happy to know that we’ll have stability throughout this year and hopefully into the future."

Casey Rabach: "I think that’s awesome. I won’t have to answer that question to you guys anymore. That’s really good. If anybody was distracted by what’s going on with Z and the head job, hopefully that puts some guys mind at ease and they can go back to playing football."

Randle El was asked whether Cerrato’s statement really quells the speculation, given Cerrato’s track record. Couldn’t it resurface with more losses?

"Well, if they step up and say that for the season, I hope that’s what he means. I don’t know about where you go from losses and all that."