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A recap of Zorn on ESPN980

Just listened to Coach Jim Zorn on his show on ESPN980 AM. Boy, it seemed as though someone called the dogs off this week. Recall last week how host Kevin Sheehan asked Zorn directly if he was worried about his job security. Nothing like that this week. And that’s no surprise, considering the station’s owner has a tiny incentive not to have his coach grilled like that on his own airwaves.

You can listen to the whole segment by clicking here.

Here are some highlights.

*Zorn said he didn’t try to turn last week’s media firestorm into an ‘us-against-the world’ team mentality. (I loved this question from my man Thom Loverro, by the way).

"I don’t think it’s a rallying around us-against-them," Zorn said. "I just think that our players have a real good feel because we really have the video. Not just the TV copy and the announcers, we actually can see both sideline and end zone, close up and far away, exactly what happened. You really get a good feel for what’s going on. So we can stay positive knowing what we have to correct and go out and make those corrections and then regroup for a whole new week. Those are the things that we’re trying to focus on. I don’t think it’s anything against, definitely not against the fan. And in reality, I do think that the media has to do what they do and tell it like they see it."

*Zorn was asked whether he’s going to be "real" with players because that’s his personality or because he thinks that will work.

"In this circumstance–oh, I’ve yelled. I’ve been hard on our guys, as well–but we fought hard," Zorn said. "Our players fought so hard to win. I could say hey we’re going to practice at 6 in the morning in full gear, and then we’re going to practice two-a-days again until we get it right. These are men. I feel like they are pretty mature guys and they’re staying together. I think our guys, Even though there’s frustration on guys voices, I get it. I understand that. I’m kind of with them. Hey, let’s get this thing together. Let’s go."

*Zorn said he hasn’t yet talked with Dan Snyder about the Detroit game. Snyder’s family obligations on Yom Kippur prevented it. Zorn said Snyder is "super interested in what happened and what went on, and we’ll get it together."

*Zorn said his efforts to get WR Santana Moss involved in the game weren’t "any more conscious than we had before." Moss had 10 catches for 178 yards and a touchdown, and he was targeted 14 times.

*Zorn second-guessed himself on the fourth-and-1 call to run Clinton Portis left from the 1-yard line in the first quarter. "Ultimately, I wish it was the right call," he said. It turned out not to be the right call. We needed to execute it much better. Had we, I think Clinton would have gotten in fairly easily because it was there for the taking."

*Zorn called NFL Vice President of Officiating Mike Pereira to discuss the critical pass interference call against SS Chris Horton. After the conversation, Zorn was convinced it was the correct call because Horton crashed into the receiver before the ball arrived. "[Horton]was playing catch-up all the way," Zorn said. "Truly it was a fair call. Unfortunate but fair." …Zorn was asked whether he asked Pereira about the no-call on the Lions’ facemask in hte fourth quarter. Zorn didn’t directly answer, though he said the referrees have a difficult responsbility in determining whether the player’s head is yanked.

*Zorn talked a bit about Tampa Bay’s QB change. He noted that the Redskins must contain the moblie Josh Johnson. Lions QB Matt Stafford did some significant damage while scrambling on Sunday.