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Zorn says talent, attitude aren’t problems

Coach Jim Zorn this afternoon met with a larger-than-normal group of reporters to discuss yesterday’s loss to Detroit. I counted eight TV cameras in there, which is definitely more than the norm. We’ve got a couple national outlets here today–ESPN and NFL Network. That’s no surprise, with speculation about Zorn’s job security nearing the top of the chart.

Zorn faced some tough questions. The heat is really amplified around here, as you might expect. He continues to say that the Redskins are a talented team that’s a few small details from being successful. I’ll let you decide whether you agree with that. Here are some highlights from Zorn’s media session in Q&A form:

Q: What do you do to make sure players keep responding to you?

A: I will be real to them. I don’t need to yell at a bunch of men to say come on, guys. Let’s really go now. Or I don’t need to try to play a psychological game with them either. The thing that I like to do is show them what actually happened, regroup, and then make some changes if necessary. Those are things that our coaches will do as we go on.

Q: Is there a big-picture problem beyond Xs and Os, such as attitude, rather than a lot of small-picture ones?

A: I don’t believe there is. I think that in the big picture things are progressing. We’re getting better. It’s not coming in the win. We’re just going to continue to press on and take care of those details. I think as we’ve lost two games, and there are high expectations for us-we have high expectations for us-I think that creates a little bit of an issue.

Q: Have you talked with Dan Snyder?

A: much. Having a loss and trying to get out of there and with all the press, we haven’t spent a lot of time. I’ll be spending a lot of time with him as we go along this week, no question.

Q: Is losing the locker room a concern? How do you ensure that doesn’t happen?

A: I would be really surprised. I think we have excellent men in that locker room. I think we have great captains. They handle a lot of that stuff. I think our captains are doing a wonderful job of keeping our guys together and just really keeping the positive things that are coming out of the game and trying to alleviate some of the negative things. Once we start doing that, we’ll be on the right track.

Q: CB Carlos Rogers this morning said that this team has no identity on offense or defense. Do you agree?

A: We lost a game. Again, after a big loss like that, I can imagine there’s a lot of things that go on through guys’ minds-thoughts. It is a thought. I don’t have that thought. I would say no. We’re going to push right along, regroup. I think our guys are resilient. I think they’ll come back and push hard again.

Q: Do players need a reality check regarding their assessment of their talent?

A: As coaches and players, we really examine as we lose a game like this or even last week, we really examine, offensively especially, how did we not score touchdowns. I think with a loss, every detail is so important. But the overall picture, I’m thinking about the talent question that you asked, we have tremendous talent on this football team. What we have to do is make sure we’re putting our guys, as coaches, in the right spots, giving them the opportunity. And when they have the opportunity, they’ve got to go out and make the play. I think we’re doing it at times, and then I think we’ve been less than that at times. I don’t know if it just has to do with overall talent.