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No decision yet on Rinehart/Montgomery at RG

Coach Jim Zorn tomorrow morning will finalize his decision on whether Chad Rinehart or Will Montgomery will be the Washington Redskins’ new starting right guard.

Rinehart and Montgomery split time with the first team in practice today for the second straight session. Zorn delayed his decision until he watched film of practice and conferred with offensive coordinator Sherman Smith and offensive line coach Joe Bugel.

"There’s not a whole lot of difference," Bugel said. "They’re both tough guys. They’re both very smart football players. You could flip a coin and couldn’t go wrong with either one."

That assessment doesn’t bode particularly well for Rinehart, whose pedigree as a third-round draft pick would seem to give him an advantage over the free agent Montgomery.

However, Zorn says it doesn’t matter that the organization has more invested in Rinehart.

"Each guy comes along at his own pace," Zorn said. "Sometimes I think people put labels on that. Really the going rate for linemen to get it is his third year. We would love to have a guy in his first year get it, wouldn’t we? I think everybody just has got their own timing."

Montgomery has played in 14 NFL games with six starts. Rinehart has never played an NFL snap, and he has been inactive for 15 of the Redskins’ 18 games during his career.

That doesn’t faze Bugel, though. He believes that Rinehart’s two preseason starts proved Rinehart can be successful, especially his game against the Baltimore Ravens.

"If you play against Baltimore, you get tested," Bugel said. "You find out if you’ve got some manhood."

Zorn agreed that experience isn’t a leading factor in his decision.

"The major issue," he said, "is just to get the continuity."

It’s unlikely that Rinehart or Montgomery will split time in Sunday’s road game against the Detroit Lions, Zorn said. Both players will be active.

"I like the guys we’ve got," Zorn said. "I think that they know our offense and they’re both fairly even."