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Drumroll………the KICK-OFF!!!

Good afternoon folks. Just got back in from the portion of practice the media is allowed to watch. That period is normally 10-15 minutes, but it was extended today. We got to watch kickers Shaun Suisham and Dave Rayner attempt seven field goals each. High drama!!!

Coach Jim Zorn said he was creating competitive field goal situations in practice because the Redskins have attempted only three field goals so far in three preseason games. (Suisham is 1-for-2; Rayner is 1-for-1) I guess allowing the media to watch adds a bit of pressure, too. At least I’d like to think it does.

Anyway, from our vantage point on the sideline, it was a bit difficult to conclude whether the kicks were good. There’s a net between the uprights, so any kick that hits the net is good. But it’s possible to kick the ball over the net. And you’ll pardon the offensive linemen positioned under the goalpost for not signaling good or no-good after each kick.

I’ll try to track down the official results from special teams coach Danny Smith after practice. Unofficially, neither kicker missed more than two. I don’t believe either kicker was perfect, either. Again, I’ll follow up.

I can say with certainty that both hit from 47 yards, and both also connected on 52-yarders in a last-second, no-timeouts situation.

In other news. Albert Haynesworth was not at practice. He missed yesterday with a stomach illness. Clinton Portis, Carlos Rogers, Kareem Moore and Randy Thomas were sidelined. 

I didn’t see offensive lineman Jeremy Bridges out there, either. I’ll follow up with Zorn about that.