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Will Haynesworth boom or bust?

With the start of training camp just minutes away, that’s the question I explored in the story I wrote for this morning’s paper.

The point is that whether Haynesworth succeeds depends on more than how dominant he is as a defensive tackle. Everyone I talked to for the story said the guy has to fit in–personality-wise, with coaches, with teammates, with the front office. 

Judging from the opinions of those I’ve talked to, Haynesworth seems to be fitting in fine after a couple months of offseason workouts. He’s a bit quiet–like you’d expect from any new guy–but guys seem to like him. Obviously, you shouldn’t expect anyone to say the guy is an outcast already. If it’s not going to work out, that will become evident as the season(s) progress. 

Another caveat to Haynesworth’s success is that he has the chance to change the league’s perception of owner Daniel Snyder. If Haynesworth is an all-pro for the next five years and brings a championship to D.C., Snyder’s reputation as it relates to free agents will deservedly improve. There’s a good bit riding on this, obviously.

On a related note, I caught up with former Skins linebacker LaVar Arrington for the story. He had some interesting thoughts to offer, and I’ll post more of them later because some didn’t make the paper.

Before I head out to practice, answer me this: Do you believe Haynesworth will boom or bust?