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The latest on Portis’ relationship w/ Zorn

Clinton Portis’ relationship with head coach Jim Zorn has been dissected ever since last October, when TV cameras caught some negative body language being exuded by the two during a disagreement on the sideline. Then in December, you’ll recall, Portis sarcastically called Zorn a "genius" on the radio.

Well, both men answered questions about their relationship with the other today during media sessions after the first practice of the season. While it would be naive of us to expect either Portis or Zorn to air any grievance publicly, both said that the lines of communciation between them have improved. They agreed that is the key to fostering a healthy relationship.

Here’s an excerpt from CP: 

"I think we get along just fine. As grown men, you’re always going to have differences. He’s hte head coach, so the only thing I can do is listen and take what he tells me and try to use it positively. I thik we just had a couple run-ins that got out of hand last year. I think we’re on the same page. We talked. What happened last year is over and down with. This year I’m sure there’s going to be something that we don’t agree on, but that don’t mean I don’t like him or I don’t want him around or he don’t want me around.

"We talked as men, and what we talked about is between us. It was just a respect thing for both of us to clear up amongst each other, and we did. Right now I think we’re on the same page. It was just a lack of communication between the two of us. Now we communicate and everything is fine."

Does Portis regret the radio flap? In a word, no.

" I can’t say I regret it. I think everything is a learning experience. Would I say it on the radio again? I doubt it. It’s best to go to his office, knock on his door and go speak my mind in there. I think we could have avoided a lot of the media attention, but some of the things that I said I don’t regret saying them because they was the truth. That’s how I felt at that moment and I got it off of my chest. I think it’s easier to go into his office and talk to him man-to-man."

From Zorn:

"I think we have a very good relationship, but it’s because we’ve communicated. Even all the stuff, we had an incident—that’s just all about trying to communicate, trying to be up front with each other, knowing how each other feels and things like that. I’m trying to anticipate some of those issues before they even rise up. So it’s good, really good."

 …Portis got into other details, such as his opinions on his proper workload and his praise for Zorn’s willingness to let 4-year-plus veterans stay at their own homes during training camp. I’ll have much more in tomorrow’s paper.