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Snyder on Orakpo: Deal was “real close”

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder told ESPN 980 AM yesterday afternoon that he believed the team was “real close” to a deal with first round pick Brian Orakpo on Wednesday night. An agreement has not yet been reached.


“We’re hoping and expecting to get something done,” Snyder said. “It’s to the kid’s benefit. Brian is a great player and a terrific person. I think that sometimes an agent may actually give him bad advice by saying, ‘Hey look, let’s try to get 2 percent more,’ and they ruin [the player’s] first year. I think it’s important that in the next few days he gets in here.”


Defensive coordinator Greg Blache expressed his belief that Orakpo’s holdout is costing him valuable time he could be using to learn the linebacker position. 


After answering several Orakpo questions, Blache changed the subject with this bit of humor.


"Let’s go talk about the people that are here," he said. "We keep talking about somebody that’s not here. My grandma is passed. She’s not here. We can’t talk about grandma today, unless we say our prayers. Let’s go to somebody that’s here."