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Cerrato: Sanchez was “too expensive”

Just came back from news conferences hosted by coach Jim Zorn and executive vice president of football operations Vinny Cerrato. Dan Snyder was not involved.

Some very, very quick highlights:

  • When Cerrato was asked whether he inquired about trading up to draft USC QB Mark Sanchez, he admitted: "We made a couple calls, but it was too expensive."
  • Cerrato said he tried "for an hour" to trade up to select Orakpo. But then Orakpo fell all the way to No. 13. "Sometimes you’ve just got to be lucky," Cerrato said.
  • Cerrato said he called Denver about flip-flopping pick, but Denver declined to do a trade, saying, "You’ll get your guy." I wonder why Denver wouldn’t do a trade if they knew they were guaranteed to get Knowshon Moreno at No. 13?
  • Cerrato said the Redskins are likely done drafting for the day. He said they don’t have enough "ammunition" to trade back into the first day. Washington’s next pick No. 80 overall, the 16th pick in the 3rd round. The third round begins tomorrow morning at 10 a.m.