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Kaiser poll shows opposition to defunding health law

A new Kaiser Family Foundation poll today shows that while a majority still have negative views of the federal Affordable Care Act, they disapprove of the idea of withholding funding for the law to disarm it.

The poll, posted here, was conducted by calling a random, representative sample of about 1,500 adults around the country.

Forty-two percent of those polled had a negative view of the law, compared to 37 percent reporting a positive view.

But 57 percent said they oppose cutting off the bill’s funding, something suggested by some Republicans in Congress. The poll does show that 60 percent of those polled who identified themselves as Republicans favor cutting off funding, while 81 percent of Democrats disapproved of that action.

According to Kaiser, 69 percent of those who oppose cutting off funding said they oppose it because “using the budget process to stop a law is not the way our government should work.”

For more on the effort to defund the law, see a CBS report on Kaiser’s poll here.

The poll also showed that about half of those polled say they don’t have enough information about the ACA to know how it will affect them, and 44 percent aren’t sure if the law is even still in place or has been overturned.

The poll found that while the public trusts government agencies and medical professionals the most as sources of information about the ACA, more people report getting information about the ACA from the news media, family and friends, social networking sites.

The online health insurance exchanges, where people can buy insurance coverage plans, are due to open in about a month, Oct. 1.