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Spotsylvania Regional stands to benefit from Anthem-Mary Washington dispute

The Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center will be the obvious beneficiary if Mary Washington Healthcare withdraws from Anthem’s network. Spotsylvania Regional fought with Anthem for a better contract last year and eventually signed with the insurance company about a month after opening. Now it looks like Anthem could be sending business its way.

Updating the Mary Washington-Anthem contract dispute.

“When members call in and ask us where they might be able to find treatment, we are directing them to Spotsylvania,” said Scott Golden, Anthem spokesman.

Spotsylvania Regional is also soliciting Mary Washington’s customers. On its website, Spotsylvania Regional has an “Anthem Insurance FAQ.” One of the questions is: “I’ve been going to Mary Washington Healthcare for a long time and my records are located there. If I come to SRMC for service, will you be able to access my medical records?”

The answer: “Yes, we can request your records from Mary Washington or any other hospital.”

Spotsylvania Regional offers many, but not all, of the services offered at Mary Washington. Mary Washington also has a heart surgery program, neurosurgery service, Level 3 neonatal intensive care unit, trauma program  and radiation oncology program.

“We believe that there are no perfect substitutes for Mary Washington Healthcare and its array of services in the local market,” said Sean Barden, executive vice president and chief financial officer.

Dec. 31 is the day that Mary Washington would withdraw from Anthem’s network if the two can’t agree on a new contract. For some local Anthem policyholders, however, the day circled on their calendars is Dec. 12. That’s when the open season for federal workers expires.

Federal workers have until Monday to decide whether to remain with their current health insurance plan or choose a new one. The decision will be a lot easier, wrote one reader, if they knew for sure that Mary Washington would be a network provider with Anthem next year.

(Spotsylvania Regional’s website, with its Anthem questions, can be found here. Prior blog posts on the Anthem-Mary Washington contract dispute can be found here, here and here.)