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Gift shop offers earthquake bargains

Tuesday's quake continues to be felt at area hospitals.

Area emergency rooms continue to report minor injuries from the earthquake.

Mary Washington and Stafford hospitals had seen 23 earthquake-related injuries as of 5 p.m. yesterday, said Debbie McInnis, spokeswoman.

Several people hit their heads ducking under desks. Others fell trying to escape the quake. One person was anxious and developed an irregular heartbeat.

The Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center had treated seven people with earthquake-related injuries in its emergency room as of yesterday, said Jeanne Burkett, spokeswoman. All of the injuries were minor.

Surgeries were under way at Mary Washington and Stafford hospitals when the earthquake struck, though the patients were not affected.

“Everything went fine,” McInnis said.

At the Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center, the magnitude-5.8 earthquake made a mess in the gift shop.

Glass shelves came crashing down, as did the items on and under those shelves.

The shop remained open while volunteers cleaned up the mess.

Yesterday, Rob Toonkel, guest services leader, decided to celebrate that no one at the hospital was injured during the earthquake. When the gift shop opened, all items, except the postage stamps, were discounted 5.8 percent.

(The story of a birth that occurred at Spotsylvania Regional just before the quake can be found here.)