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Medic 1 workers will have to get in line

The last of the Medic 1 clinics closed in May.

It’s unclear if Medic 1’s creditors, including its unpaid employees, will ever see their money. The company’s debts total more than $2.5 million, while its assets are worth only $132,000, according to its bankruptcy filing.

Medic  1, a chain of urgent care clinics, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection last week in federal court in Richmond. The company closed the last of its clinics off Wakeman Drive in Spotsylvania County in early May.  The closing was sudden. Employees went unpaid, and patients had to scramble to get their records.

The bankruptcy filing shows that the clinic’s major creditors are BB&T Bank and the Internal Revenue Service. The clinic owes federal taxes of more than $691,000 from 2010 and 2009.  The clinic also failed to pay unemployment tax to the state and property taxes to Spotsylvania County, according to the 57-page filing.

The company owes money to a host of vendors, including its landlords and the companies that provided the malpractice insurance, health insurance, phone service, accounting service, trash pickup, medical supplies and lab tests.

Fifteen clinic workers are still owed their salaries and/or their accumulated leave, according to the filing. The amounts owed range from $78 to $2,022. The unpaid workers include office staff and providers, though none of the doctors who worked there are listed.

The employees listed are Alicia Bradley, Greg Bee, Jamie Booth, Casey Spangerberger, Chenora Macon, Cheryl Spangerberger, Gisela Nichols, Joyce Payne, Judy Reynolds, Kathy Stevens, Kayla Newton, Kayleigh Spangenberger, Margo Bragg, Sheri Nidiffer and Shelitta Barnes.

Warren Parmelee, the owner of the clinic, appears as a creditor in three places. He is among the unpaid employees, owed $91,000. He is also the owner of a building on Jefferson Davis Highway, which was one of the clinic’s locations, and is owed almost $100,000 in back rent, according to the filing. He also is owed $267,000 for a loan he made to the business.

Parmelee has apparently reopened under a new name, Towne Medical. The location of the new office is 10518 Wakeman Drive, which is near where his Medic 1 office was.

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