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Better luck for former Medic 1 patient

Three items of interest today:

The confusion surrounding the closing of Medic 1 may be lifting. Helen Sanders wrote yesterday to say that her husband finally got his medical records from the clinic.

She wrote:  “My husband was notified by phone last week that his records were ready for pick up. He went to the Medic 1 office on Courthouse Road. He presented an I.D. and was given records without a charge. The records begin with the year 2006. He has been going to Medic 1 longer than 5 years. The records will be fine as his major illnesses do not have a long history.”

Speaking of confusion, imagine the scramble at the Cancer Center of Virginia when its phone lines were cut on June 2. Amy Umble’s story in our paper today, available here, describes how the road construction on State Route 3 severed the telecommunications lines to the cancer center. Employees there had to notify 47 patients that their cancer treatments would have to be postponed.

Grab bars can reduce injuries in the bathroom, according to the CDC.

Finally, a new study, available here, by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention documents how dangerous the bathroom can be. The study found that more than 234,000 adults suffered nonfatal injuries in their bathrooms in 2008. Some conclusions:

* About 80 percent of bathroom injuries were caused by falls. People 65 and older were most likely to fall.

* The most hazardous activities in the bathroom are bathing, showering or getting out of the tub or shower. Getting on and off the toilet was also dangerous.

To make the bathroom safer, the CDC recommends adding grab bars inside and outside the tub and beside the toilet.