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Former Medic 1 patients offer their advice

The Medic 1 office on Jefferson Davis Highway is now closed, and the building is for sale.

Former patients at Medic 1 continue to write about the clinic’s closing. Several offered advice on how patients can get their records. I pass along this advice  without checking it, in the hopes that it might be useful.

From Mark Rutherford, May 23:

“I actually drove by Medic 1 today and saw cars in front. So I went inside and was able to put my name on a list of former patients requesting records. I hope there will be some follow through without a severe delay.”

From Penny Anderson, May 18:

“I found out that Dr. Sicari is at ExpressMed in Glen Allen for now. I don’t know how long she’ll be there.”

From terramarie2000, May 18:

“One thing patients can do is obtain a subpoena for their medical records from the sheriff’s office. The physicians have to respond, and it is easier than leaving messages on an answering machine. As for the prescriptions, they can contact their pharmacy and they will direct them on how to proceed with getting refills.”

The workers at several local clinics wrote or called to say that they would be happy to see former Medic 1 patients and would help them get their records. These included NextCare, Prime Care, Reese Medical Associates, Stafford Urgent Care, Stafford Primary Care and the MultiSpecialty Health Group at Spotsylvania Regional.

Finally, I hope you’ve noticed the small display ad from Family First Health Care on Garrisonville Road in North Stafford. My colleague Scott Shenk pointed it out to me. The ad has been running in the classified pages of our paper. It appeared over the weekend and again this morning. The practice is closing, and the way they are going about it contrasts sharply with the way Medic 1 closed.

First are the ads, a series of them, notifying patients that the closing will occur. Second, the closing date has been set for June 24, a month away. Third, patients are told how to get their records both before and after the closing.

The process is similar to the one Liz advised in the comments section on this blog. She wrote:

“I just really really wish he had closed his practice in a stable way. You know, like honor the appointments he had that day, call the others to cancel, let people know where they can get blood work and other pending results, and a simple thing like being open during a certain time for a few days so people could collect their medical records. Even if it was just him there handing out the records. And the biggest one: Giving his staff enough of a heads up so they can hopefully find other employment.”