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In praise of supportive parents

Marg and Dave Wick with their daughter Nancy Littlefield. (Photo courtesy of Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center)

A couple of items this morning:

I enjoyed Nancy Littlefield’s blog posting, here, about her parents. Nancy is the chief nursing officer at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center and a prolific blogger. In this entry she reflects about her parents, who had come to the hospital for one of its educational programs. She writes, in part:

“I thought as I walked down the long hallway through the hospital lobby, they have come to see me my whole life. When I played sports in high school they were on the sidelines. When I graduated they were there in the bleachers. When I received my “cap” in nursing school or when I graduated–they were there. When I needed help after babies x3, Mom stayed up at night with me. When I moved, they were there to help me unpack. And now, even with many milestones behind me–they still come stand on the sidelines, their presence still supporting me.”  

Speaking of Spotsylvania Regional, the hospital will host a free health screening tomorrow from 8 a.m. to noon in the lobby. They’re offering blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and BMI checks. They recommend that you fast from midnight for best results. No registration required.

Also, I have been negligent in not calling attention to the story, here, by my colleague Bill Freehling. Bill explains the survey work that’s going on at the base of the hill at Mary Washington Hospital. It’s a new and expanded Department of Veterans Affairs outpatient clinic.

Bill reports, in part: “Construction of the building should start within the next few weeks, said Hunter Greenlaw Jr., president of G.L.M.G. Inc. General Contractors, which will build it. He expects construction to take about nine months, meaning the facility should be done by year-end.”