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A field trip to the operating room

Dr. Henry Wicker performs gall bladder surgery at the Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center. (Photos courtesy of the hospital.)

Dr. Henry Wicker had an audience recently for two of his laparascopic gall bladder surgeries. Students from Fredericksburg Academy donned masks and gowns on March 9 to watch him on monitors in an operating room across the hall from where he was working .

The Fredericksburg surgeon was doing the surgeries at the Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center, where he is chairman of its Board of Trustees. The group, about 10 juniors and seniors and two teachers, included his daughter Simone.

Students observe Wicker's surgery from an operating room across the hall.

Wicker said this was the fourth year that he’s invited Debra Garcia’s AP Biology class to observe his surgeries. This was the first year that the demonstration has been held at the Spotsylvania hospital.