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Smoking and lung cancer-part 2

Dr. Timothy Sherwood said Tuesday night at Mary Washington Hospital that everyone already knows about the dangers of smoking. Yet the thoracic surgeon made the point anyway.

One of his opening slides during a talk about lung cancer was titled: “The Top 10 Causes of Lung Cancer.”

His list:

1. Cigarette smoking

2. Cigarette smoking

3. Cigarette smoking

4. Cigarette smoking

5. Cigarette smoking

6. Cigarette smoking

7. Cigarette smoking

8. Cigarette smoking

9. Cigarette smoking

10. Second-hand smoke, radon exposure, asbestos, family history.

“Cigarette smoking causes lung cancer,” he added. “Lung cancer kills more people than breast, colorectal, pancreatic and prostate cancers combined (157,000 people last year). It’s a very significant public health problem.”


  • bvandivert

    I agree with the doctor, smoking is a huge drain on our healthcare system and quitting is probably the best investment one can make in their health. However, I find it disappointing that he only mentioned CIGARETTE SMOKING. Though cigarette smokers are the vast majority of smokers, no kind of smoking is safe. Whether it’s cigars, marijuana or lawn clippings, the act of inhaling smoke into your lungs on a regular basis can cause lots of health problems, including lung cancer. Let’s get people to quit smoking ANYTHING, not just cigarettes. Lung cancer and emphysema in particular can be very ugly ways to die.