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New nursing home is first in years

The region’s first new nursing home in more than 20 years is ready to receive residents. Falls Run Nursing and Rehabilitation center is awaiting permission to open. The state Department of Health could issue the necessary permits this week, said Dennis Lyons, Falls Run’s administrator. 

Dennis Lyons, administrator, in one of the dining rooms at the new Falls Run Nursing & Rehabilitation center

Falls Run is located off U.S. 17 in southern Stafford County. It is a two-story, 90-bed facility that will offer short-term rehabilitation and long-term care. Lyons said he expects the mix of patients to mirror the statewide averages. If so, about 75 percent of its residents will be supported by the Medicaid program. 

Falls Run is owned by the Saber Healthcare Group, an Ohio company. Saber owns three other homes in Virginia, in Chatham, Chester and Danville. 

Lyons, 63, is the former administrator at the Golden LivingCenter on State Route 3 in Spotsylvania County. He and his wife, Rita, live in Manassas. 

Falls Run will be the region’s sixth nursing home. The others are: Golden LivingCenter, Heritage Hall in King George County, Carriage Hill in Spotsylvania, Bowling Green Healthcare Center and Woodmont Center in Stafford.

(For more details about the center, see the story later this week in the paper.)


  • Brandonj

    It’s great that the area is getting a new nursing home. However, the administrator coming from Golden Living (a.k.a. Fredericksburg Nursing Home) is not a plus in my opinion. Golden Living has always been one of the worst in the area-a choice of last resort. It’s not very well maintained (old and ugly) and every time I’ve been in there it smells like urine. Hopefully this new facility will not be run like that facility has been..

  • charlene

    I worked at golden living (when it was beverly) this was my first job out of Nursing School. I loved it. I did not get the opportunity to work with Dennis Lyons, However it was the best job I have had as a Nurse. (LPN) I loved working there, the staff was great and the patients were awesome!!

  • Dennis

    As that Administrator I would like to note brandon’s comment and point out that the fredericksburg Nursing Home was a different owner and GoldenLiving began management of the facility in 2007. I would encourage Brandon to visit and volunteer at not just at GoldenLiving but any of the nursing facilities in the community.

  • cheryl

    I work at GoldenLiving, I welcome you to come visit. There are wonderful staff and there is a sense of home there. We try very hard and it shows in our care of the residents of that facility. No, its not new,but appearance is not everything.

  • RitaM

    I worked at FNH before it was owned by Beverly back in the 70′s when it was much smaller than now. Sometimes big is not better. I’ve been in LTC since 1987 and have only worked at two facilities as a nurse and both were great to be at until they decided to expand in size. A 90 bed facility has it’s advantages definitely.
    I’ve also had the occurrence to work with Mr. Lyons in the Administrator capacity and found his approach to be abrasive and rude. That alone would be enough to keep me from applying at this new facility.

  • Kesia

    i must agree with brandon as i had to find a facility for my mom who has dementia and had a leg wound back in 2008 and was recommended by MWH. The place smelled like urine there were feces on the floor in the bathrooms, and staff was medicore/unattentive and that was after i had my husband meet my mom there until i could get to her. His first words to me on the cell phone when he got there was…she can”t stay here…(lol) and I would have to agree but was new to the area and did not know better. video proof (cell phone) I can go on and on regarding Golden living, but to say when i received a phone call after she broke her hip in december of 2009 to see if i wanted her to return, I chose another facility. I would’t put my two pet dogs there unless i had no other choice and even then, i would have to really consider my options.

  • Timmmmmay

    I have done both 911 and worked for private ambulance service. Golden Living Center (or Golden Urine Center as us in the 911 field know it) is honestly the worst in the region. Not far behind Heritage Hall in King George. GLC was always extremly cluttered and poorly kept. And like the others have mentioned, unbelievably smelly. Carriage Hill always seemed to be halfway decent and well kept. The only one I could see worse that Golden Living Center was Brooke Nursing Home in Stafford. And TRUST ME, I was not surprised to find out that it now Stafford’s SPCA…go figure

  • pooh

    I have had the misfortune of experiencing quite a few nursing homes in the past several years. The very best that I found was Rappahannock Westminister Canterbury in Lancaster County. The patient to staff ratio is one to one. It is bright, clean, and the staff very attentive and professional.

    Carriage Hill and Mizpah were just awful. The attitude of the staff at Carriage was unbelievably bad. Woodmont was OK.

  • r.a.perry

    We recently had a terrible experience at Carriage Hill which was reported to the state. The nursing staff gave meds that were not ordered by a doctor or told to the family and set the family member ‘s recovery back by months. The charge nurse on staff had a chip on her shoulder every time I asked about the meds. We didn’t discover the problem until the family member was moved to a small assisted living in the city where he recovered.State discovered the nursing notes which contained the incriminating information. I really don’t believe anything more has been done about changing the stiuation there.

  • Brandonj

    Dennis, you’re being a bit disingenuous and you know it. Fredericksburg Nursing Home (a.k.a. Golden Living) has had the same owner for a very long time-the owner just changed it’s name-most likely because it had a bad reputation. Beverley Enterprises became Golden Living. It may have some different investors, but the players are mostly the same people. My experience with Fredericksburg Nursing home dates back to 1979, when my step-mother worked there. I was 6 at the time and I remember that I hated the place because it reeked of urine. At the same time, my great-grandmother was at Woodmont and I didn’t mind going there-it didn’t seem to have that problem. Since then I’ve been in Fredericksburg Nursing home several times (though the most recent was about 5 years ago) to visit friends of the family and distant relatives and nothing had really changed-still run down and smelling like a urinal. I’ve also been in Woodmont, Carriage Hill and Heartfields (my grandfather was in the Alzheimer’s Unit there). By far Fredericksburg Nursing home (Golden Living) was the worst. If you managed to turn around over 30 years of poor management, then you deserve great praise. But I’ll admit I’m a bit skeptical given my own experience with that facility and the failure of ANYONE ELSE to be able to do that. Add to that the fact that NO ONE I KNOW has had anything good to say about that facility at anytime, including now and you see why I say that if I were you, I’d NEVER admit to having run that place. In any event good luck Dennis.

  • Nancy

    I am in the process of finding a Rehab placement for my Dad. Yesterday I visited a facility in Lake Ridge. Its environment in its entirety was positive. I didn’t get there until late in the day and it was a surprise visit. I have to say I was impressed. I think I’ll stop looking in the Fredericksburg area.

  • cheryl

    If the state says we pass inspection,then maybe people on the outside looking in with negative comments should be part of the cure,like working there or volunteering,instead of being part of the problem by doing nothing, The state have strict guidelines, and GoldenLiving passed their inspection. And if your looking for the good comments about our facility come see our bulletin board,we have many cards and letters from relatives,who praise all we do.

  • Brandonj

    Cheryl, a facility passing a state inspection simply means that the facility has passed the MINIMUM requirements, not that it is an excellent facility. As for us people on the outside, many of us are the ones who PAY your salary. Why would we volunteer in a for profit enterprise? The staff of a nursing facility are supposed to be educated, skilled professionals on top of their game. When my family has had to place loved ones in a nursing home, we’ve spent every cent that loved one had saved, sold their homes to pay for the care, etc. I don’t think it’s too much to expect that a nursing facility provides the best care and accomodations. If you don’t like your job Cheryl, or if those who express concerns about the quality of care upset you so, maybe you should find another line of work. Employees who do like what they do or can’t take criticism don’t perform well-and I know what I’m talking about here, as an HR professional with many years of experience.

  • Brandonj

    Here’s an observation: Why is Mr. Lyons the only person in the photo on the blog? Why isn’t his staff in the picture? I hope this doesn’t reflect the administrator’s philosophy of leadership. Teamwork should be emphasized in a facility like this-it’s not all about the administrator. Nursing and support staff will make or break this place. I’m not saying anything about Mr. Lyons here, but it is interesting how this facility is within days of opening, has at least the minimum staff required (which would be quite a few people) and the administrator is the only one in a photo released to the public.

  • Michelle O.

    Is it possible that it is your job to “stir the pot” to make blogs more interesting and dramatic? You were first to post comments quickly after it was posted. When comments died down and the subject was changed, you decide to talk about the picture of which was taken by the writer of the blog? Maybe you know the writer? If not, how do you know if Mr. Lyons was able to choose what the author of the blog wanted as his picture to represent his story? Truth is that every creature ages and unless tragedy strikes our bodies don’t last forever. We should be planning for that and saving our money in order to be able to pay for the care that we are going to need. Why should it be so troubling to spend your savings on your care? We can all agree that values differ from person to person. I’m not saying that we should instantly trust the people we meet or the services that are rendered to us, but weigh your options, pick your battles, always have an advocate, and try not to discourage those that need help from getting it. Above all, love God, love others, and then love yourself.

  • Sue

    Michele O,
    Please notice I respected you enough to use the name you
    signed in with and not just initials.
    I never read anything that desputed that we will all age?
    Another possible solution to care for the aging might be caring for your elderly family members at home if possible. Did it ever occur to you that maybe Brandon had in mind something like that, before spending the patient’s assets for care in a nursing home?
    I only mention this because I did have my mother in law with me for 6 years in my home before not being able to handle her care and selling her home to pay for her care in a nursing home. Either me or my husband were at the
    nursing home every day. In my opinion families better be involved in the care no matter what home their loved one is placed in for care.
    Oh, by the way I have worked 14 years in local nursing homes in the financial area and am familiar with the goals
    of the various companies-it’s like every business-to make money, and there is nothing wrong with that. But, the goal of any nursing home is not to have 75% of their patients
    with Medicaid coverage, which I felt was possibly implied in the article.
    Also, I will tell you that I have had multiple Administrators and Nursing staff either state or imply that: “Families expect miracles and want nursing homes to cure what the patient has spent a lifetime causing”. I feel like families just want to know their loved ones are being cared for-since they can not provide this themselves. And since the average nursing home bed charge is about $225.00 per day not including ancillary charging for private pay patients -I have a real problem with this comment by the
    professionals in charge of patient care.
    The new nursing home is needed in the Stafford area
    and I hope they do seize the chance to make it #1 in the
    I guess the one point I would like to make to you-Michele is everyone has the right to their opinion.
    God Bless.

  • Brandonj

    Wow Michelle, thanks so much for that condescending post of yours. How dare I espouse any opinion that might be contrary to yours, eh? I do not know the reporter or Mr. Lyons, I was simply asking the question as to why the article and photo do not include ANY of the other staff-especially since the staff are what makes a facility such as this successful. If it WAS Mr. Lyons’ idea or he only made HIMSELF available to the reporter, then it really does speak as to his leadership philosophy (I’ve been in management and leadership roles and have extensive leadership education, btw). As for stirring the pot, I have neither the time nor desire “to stir the pot.” I do however have the right to make an observation and to voice my opinion-it’s that pesky little thing called the first amendment.

    Now, as to your condescending comments about every “creature” getting old, I will say that everyone most certainly DOES NOT get old and need care. I’ve had relatives get older and suddenly pass away one day, never needing any care and remaining in their homes. I’ve also had relatives who only needed short term hospice care-usually done in their home. But I’ve also had relatives who had strokes, Alzheimer’s, or some other debilitating problem that landed them in a nursing home for several years. In the process they lose everything they ever had, including their homes. I don’t have a problem with using their assets to pay for their care, AS I’VE SAID, I simply expect the highest standard of care possible. These people are giving up everything, they should not be allowed to sit around in a facility that smells like urine and/or be neglected while giving up everything they have for the privilege of doing so. I KNOW, I EXPECT TOO MUCH APPARENTLY!

    As for planning, how does one plan for care that costs $7,000 a month or more, that they may very well never need? Unless you’re a millionaire or can afford long term care insurance (which typically doesn’t pay everything and the premiums tend to be VERY high), you can’t PLAN for something like that. Unless we’re psychic, we have no idea what our last days will be like, we just have to hope for the best.

    However, it is NEVER too much to ask that people in nursing homes (or any industry really) be professionals and perform their job well. That’s part of a work ethic which sadly is quickly disappearing. I do love however, how those who work in nursing homes that post on here get so “offended” so quickly. In my experience as an HR professional, it’s those workers who are usually guilty of the things that critics point out. I guess it comes from that parenting philosophy that came about some years back where everything little Johnny or Janie does is wonderful. Everyone’s a winner and does a good job (even when they don’t), right?

  • cheryl

    I have been a nurse for many years. I do not take offense from you or your comments, for when you get your nursing degree,let me know. right now ,you speak way out of turn, But your opinion is just that,an opinion, everyone has one. Good luck with that.

  • Brandonj

    Cheryl, did I state anything technical about nursing? Do I need a nursing degree to state the opinion that our elderly people should not be neglected or allowed to sit around in a place that reeks of urine (as has happend at Fredericksburg Nursing Home in the past)? I don’t really give a rat’s behind whether you’re a nurse or how long you’ve been one. Though, given your rather rude and condescending attitude, I suspect that you’re part of the problem.

  • Brandonj

    By the way Cheryl, I’m speaking way out of turn? You have an attitude and a major chip on your shoulder-it doesn’t surprise me at all that you work for Golden Living. I am an HR professional with over 18 years of experience. I’ve done HR in a variety of setttings and I most certainly AM NOT speaking out of turn when I say that employees who are incredibly defensive and cannot take criticism tend not be good performers. When you get you’re degree in HR (or even some HR experience for that matter), you let ME know. I bet you’re a real joy to work with…

  • cheryl

    Your a pitiful excuse hiding behind a blog. Clearly a self declared God of human resources.

  • cheryl

    My time is done here,

  • BrandonJ

    Cheryl-you yet again demonstrate your juvenile attitude toward those who disagree with or criticize you. I find it amusing that you profess to have A DEGREE IN NURSING but can’t spell or embrace basic grammatical concepts-learn the difference between your and you’re, learn the rules of capitalization, etc. THANK GOD your time is done here. Great job representing Golden Living btw. If you are an example of the staff there, then there’s no wonder it’s always been such a cesspool.

  • BrandonJ

    Btw, aren’t we all typing from our computers? How is that hiding? I love stupid people!

  • tina

    l would like to say thank god we have such special people who work in nursing homes, the families come visit and go home we stay and care for there love ones for 24/7. we are thier friends,and helpers.thank god we have huge hearts…..i give a big hurray for all health care workers, and a bright star to to all nursing staff

  • MK

    Brandon, I can understand why Cheryl is upset with your tone. It is called horizontal violence. Horizontal violence is usually projected towards someone when the projector considers the other person to be beneath them. I have read every thing you’ve had to say. From your postings. you appear (remember I am going by your words and your tone) to be a non caring, non respectful type of individual. I understand by your posting you have worked for many years in HR. It appears you have worked many places. Your tone is probably the reason why. If you do not agree with someone ( that is ok) communication is the best solution. Speaking to someone with respect will go futher than talking down to them. You could have gotten your point across in a more civilized tone. Respect people and they will respect you and vice-versa. Please google horizontal and vertical violence so you may understand better what negative words can do to people. When you have a problem with someone come with a solution not just negative words.

  • http://Google CDS

    Is Falls Run accepting private insurance yet?

  • Mo Starkey

    ya ya

  • Mo Starkey

    My Mom was admitted to this facility in early November, she was their 6th patient. Everything was fine at first.. Evidently, that only lasts if you don’t ask questions or present any concerns. About three weeks ago, Mom started complaining of stomach pains, being unable to urinate, general weakness, and was nauseated. The staff chose to ignore her complaints. The family brought our concerns to the administrator’s, Director of Nursing’s, and the Social Worker’s attention. It was finally determined to do a CT scan of her abdomen along with blood work. I personally took her to the Stafford Hospital on a Friday morning for the tests and was told by the staff at the hospital that the results would be done in about an hour. Family members started asking the facility Friday afternoon if the results were back yet. We asked several times on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday – and were always told no results were in yet. On Monday afternoon, I had a previously scheduled appointment for Mom (the doctor is not associated with the facility) so I picked her up and took her to the doctors. I informed the doctor about the CT scan and blood work that no one had received word on yet. His office was able to get the faxed results right away and upon looking at them he told me to take Mom right over to the ER because she was in renal failure. She was admitted immediately and it is now two weeks later and she is still in the hospital (this shows exactly how bad of shape she was in).

    The lack of concern at the facility is disconcerting at best. The facility still insists that they did not have the results from the CT scan and blood work – even though I have a copy that states the results were received by them on that same Friday at 3:31 in the afternoon. No one ever apologized for the mistake, no one ever called to see how she was doing, they only called to tell me that Mom was no longer a resident at the facility and to come pick up her belongings. Once I went to pick up her items, I discovered that a handmade quilt was gone plus numerous other things as well. I called and left a message about it, but as of today I still have not received any return messages regarding my call.

    I always thought that an administrator’s job was to answer concerns and questions, yet when Mr. Lyons has been asked his most common response was to wave his hand and state that he is not even going to “entertain that” – so in essence he only answer’s questions and problems that he deems worthy!! To heck with any other problems!! Dennis is extremely rude and he lacks the professionalism needed to be a successful administrator. Hopefully the Saber Healthcare Group will made note of that before he has the opportunity to ruin this new facility.

    On the positive side, the kitchen staff went out of their way to accommodate Mom and tried to meet her needs. During Mom’s first two week, when she was feeling okay, the PT staff worked with her and did a tremendous job with getting her strength back (she had suffered a heart attack at the end of October).

  • Kesia

    I just sent my mom to Fall Run on Monday evening 12/27/10 after much hesitation but was outvoted by my family member because it was a new facility. She will be admitted first as a rehab and then LTC. Now that I am reading your post MO Starkey, I really should have went with my gut thought and sent her where I had already had arrangement made in Alexandria. I will be sure to be on top of all her care as she has alzheimer’s and I can no longer care for her at home. Thanks for the info again.

  • David G

    I am considering transferring my father to Falls Run from another facility, because it is very close to where we live. Kesia, do you have an updated rating of Falls Run? Anyone else who would like to share an experience/opinion on Falls Run?
    Thank you.