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They’ve come from far and wide

The next time you’re in the Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center take a look in the hospital’s gift shop. On the wall by the cash register are two interesting maps. One is a map of the United States, and the other is a map of Virginia. Both have hundreds of yellow push pins stuck in them.

The pins on the U.S. map represent the places where staff members have worked. There are pins all over the map, from one coast to the other. In fact, someone has inserted a small world map in the corner, and there are a bunch of pins there too. As you might expect at a hospital owned by a nation’s largest chain, the staff has come from far and wide to work there.

The pins on the Virginia map represent the hometowns of the staff. By that I suppose they mean the places where staff members live. Most of the pins are clustered around Fredericksburg, but Northern Virginia and Richmond have their share. And there are several pins in the Tidewater and Roanoke areas. Apparently, some folks are driving long distances to work in Spotsylvania.