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Push hard and fast

The American Heart Association continues to push hands-only CPR for victims of cardiac arrest. The association hopes that with this simpler version of CPR the public will get more involved.

Hands-only CPR is  just as effective as conventional CPR when performed by a bystander, according to the association. It says that only a third of those who suffer sudden cardiac arrest at home, work or in public get CPR from a bystander. It hopes that by simplifying the procedure and doing away with the mouth-to-mouth portion of it, the public will be more likely to help.

The association has created a new web site with instructional video. Its message is a simple one: If you see an adult collapse suddenly, call 911 and push hard and fast at the center of the person’s chest.

The association’s web site and video are here. A one-minute YouTube video on hands-only CPR, called “Nothing Tricky,” can be seen here.