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When the doctor is also a writer

Dr. Timothy Sherwood

I hope you got a chance to read the two columns by doctors that appeared in the Healthy Living section of our paper in recent weeks.

On July 4, Dr. Christoper Lillis, a local internist, wrote here about accompanying his pregnant wife on a visit to the perinatologist.  A sample: “I did not anticipate that accompanying her to obstetrical appointments would change my understanding of the doctor-patient relationship in a profound way.”

And on Sunday, Dr. Timothy Sherwood, a local thoracic surgeon, wrote here about Evelyn, one of his patients. Sherwood starts his story with this: “I want to share the story of a dear patient of mine, whom I consider a friend, who has helped me grow as a physician and as a person.”

Both pieces are well-told and offer revealing looks at their authors. Sherwood, for example, describes his relationships with patients as  partnerships. He adds, “Evelyn was and continues to be an excellent partner.”