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Who has the best hospital food?

The cafeteria at Mary Washington Hospital

With the opening of the new Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center, one question has been on my mind. (No, it’s not about Anthem. No news on that front apparently.) What I’ve been wondering about is the food in the cafeteria. Is it better than Mary Washington’s?

Yesterday I decided to find out. I stopped by for lunch, as I have many times at Mary Washington and Stafford Hospital.  I’ve eaten at Mary Washington so many times that if I miss a couple of weeks, Scott Goldman, the manager, will ask me where I’ve been.

 Spotsylvania’s cafeteria is on the first floor on the left as you enter. It’s attractive, but you notice right away, like Stafford, that it’s smaller than Mary Washington’s. The dining area is smaller, and the selections are fewer. Still, they have a soup-and-salad bar, short-order grill, refrigerated case with take-out items, nutrition information posted, and two entrees on the hot line.

Yesterday the entrees were tilapia and beef. I had the tilapia, rice, glazed carrots, ice tea and a piece of carrot cake.  The tilapia had a tomato topping with what seemed like a hint of orange. It tasted great. I also liked the cake. It was fresh and very tasty.

I didn’t do a price-comparison, but at $7.94, the meal seemed more expensive that what I would have paid at Mary Washington.  I also didn’t like the plastic utensils and paper plates. Usually, the only time I use a plastic fork or a paper plate is when I don’t have any clean dishes.

So judging by price, selection and taste, I’d say that Mary Washington is still your best bet for hospital food. (Don’t laugh if you haven’t tried it.) But welcome, Spotsylvania. It’s nice to have a solid alternative.


  • havingfun

    Stafford Hospital Cafeteria is awesome! I work in the area and go there for lunch often. It is CHEAP and GOOD! They have different entrees each day and seem to take pride in what they prepare. It is quiet and clean and the view is good.
    They have plastic plates, but they have a nice design on them and give you real silverware if you want it. I think Stafford is much better than MWH. The salad bar is good too. Just pleasant and nice overall.

  • Elizabeth Jones

    Mr. Hall. . .

    Please. . . find something more newsworthy to write about.

    E.A. Jones

  • havingfun

    It’s a blog Jones…it isn’t the front page of the paper. Relax.

  • Mark McGraff

    Sounds like Miss E.A. Jones has an issue with the reporter. I actually think this is one of the better blogs with FLS along with two other reporters. Jim Hall is an asset to the medical community because his reporting is strong.

    Ms. Jones, why come to his blog if you have an issue with him? Sounds like you need to grow up. Keep up the good work, Mr. Hall.