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Heart attack in progress at new hospital

Dr. Scott Seidner

The Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center continues to rack up firsts, this time the first emergency stenting for an acute myocardial infarction, or heart attack.

Dr. Scott Seidner of Cardiology Associates of Fredericksburg was seeing patients at Mary Washington Hospital yesterday morning when he received a call from an ER doctor at Spotsylvania Regional. A man in his 30s had walked into the emergency room there with persistent chest pain that got much worse yesterday.

“They called me with the EKG, and we said, ‘He’s got the real thing,’ ” Seidner said.

Cath lab workers at the new hospital had done non-emergency procedures but this was their first emergency, Seidner said. The team included Michelle Dunn, Patricia Wagner, Chris Sullivan, Shannon Jones, Ted Duford and Wendy Campbell.

During the procedure, Seidner passed a wire through the man’s blocked coronary artery to re-establish blood flow, used a balloon to open the artery, and placed a stent or small piece of metal scaffolding there to keep it open.  Seidner estimated the man’s “door-to-balloon” time at 90 minutes.

Seidner has been practicing in the Fredericksburg area since 2003. He and other cardiologists in the region have done many similar emergency heart procedures at the cath lab at Mary Washington.

“We wanted to establish that the same level of care that we’ve been providing at Mary Washington we do over here as well,” he said.

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  • Scout22407

    How long is this going to go on? Are we going to be subjected to every “first” at the new hospital? Enough is enough. Please find another topic.

  • Brad

    why does this bother You, This is a BIG Deal, The FiRST New Hospital in 15o years in the Fred’burg area.. That is a Major FIRST!!!

  • Eric

    Yes it’s important but after having to deal w/ numerous hospitals in multiple states…..Fred’burg will hopefully learn that what they had isn’t as bad as they make it out to be! I have seen or had experienced horrible care at such places as Johns Hopkins and NY Cornell Medical Center and I have had or seen great care at Mary Washington.

  • Lucy

    I had an emergency yesterday and had to drive right by SRMC (which is across the street from my house) and go on to MWH. Thanks Anthem and SRMC!

  • Jane RN

    I know it may not seem like a big deal to many people, but for those of us who live in Caroline County (Lake Caroline to be specific) it is!!! Especially when your husband is 72 years old, has a heart condition and you don’t like to call 911! I am grateful that SRMC has opened and is now available. And yes, MWH does provide good care — had surgery at their outpatient center this February and they were great! It doesn’t mean we don’t need the new hospital as well. ANd no, I don’t work there! (yet!)