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Spotsy celebrates hospital’s opening

A scene from the opening-day festivities this morning at the Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center.

The Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center opened this morning to become the region’s third and the county’s first full-service hospital.

The hospital celebrated its official start with speeches, ribbon-cutting, tree planting and the release of a flock of white doves. It is the 12th acute-care hospital in Virginia for the HCA chain.

The hospital was first conceived five years ago. Construction started in June 2008.  “It’s been quite a ride,” said Margaret Lewis, president of HCA’s capital division.

Tim Tobin, CEO of the new hospital, and members of his staff.

The hospital has been treating patients since May 24, as part of a regulatory requirement that it have 30 inpatient admissions prior to an inspection by the Joint Commission, the agency that accredits the nation’s hospitals. During the two weeks since then, the hospital staff has treated more than 300 people in its emergency room, admitted 70 patients and had 11 surgeries. The number of patients in its beds has been as high as 25.

“We’ve already had a census that’s pretty strong,” said Tim Tobin, chief executive officer of the hospital.

Today, while the opening celebration was underway in front of the building, Dr. Donna Wicker, a local obstetrician/gynecologist, was upstairs preparing for the first of two surgeries she had scheduled. An ambulance crew from the Bowling Green Rescue Squad was unloading a patient at the ER entrance at the rear of the hospital.

Among the guests at the celebration was Dr. Michael Norman, a representative of the Joint Commission, who arrived at 7:45 this morning to begin his four-day inspection.

(For more about the hospital’s opening, see the story in tomorrow’s paper.)


  • Lucy

    This would be much better news if Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center was a Blue Cross/Blue Shield Preferred Provider.

  • Brad

    I am very Happy we now have a Choice in The Hospital we can go to for Service. Have Two Hospitals ( HCA an MediCorp ) it will drive Each to provide the very Best Service they can. This
    is of course Good News for the People of the Fredericksburg area… I have in the past always gone to Fairfax Hospital when I needed to be admitted for my Health Condition. Next time I think I will give HCA a try….

  • Darla DiPietro

    A beautiful, brand new Hospital just seconds away from our home. You would think that would give me a sense of well being, having it so close. But unfortunately, according to a recent article, it is NOT participating in MY insurance plan. So where does that leave those who are covered by one of the nation’s LARGEST insurance companies? Up a creek I suppose.

  • M@D4LUV

    Please remember that insurance companies and providers (hospital or doctor) go through a series of negotiations. The snippet of information displayed in last weeks paper was not enough to formulate a final judgment as to whether or not Anthem will list this hospital as a provider. They only just recently (in the past five years) began covering the ER doctors from Mary Washington. I am sure they (Anthem) will come to an agreement with SRMC, with time and the voice of their own clients, who can call them at 804-354-5252.

  • Deb

    I live across the street from the new hospital .. sad to say I cant use it due to my insurance of Trigon :( My daughter is 6 months pregnant and her ob is now practicing at Spotsy Hospital .She has to find ob in middle of her pregnancy to have the baby at Mary Washington .This isn’t too good, more stress for her being pregnant.

  • Lucy

    I am in the same boat as Deb’s daughter, only I am 8 months pregnant. The last thing you should have to worry about during the end of your pregnancy is whether or not your insurance is accepted at a hospital. Especially when you pay a hefty insurance premium and have a policy with the largest insurer in the state. Shame on Anthem and SRMC for not resolving this by now. Neither one of them is winning points with the public.