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Emma meets William

A new report from the Virginia Department of Health casts September in an unusual light. September has more births and fewer deaths than any other month. More babies are born on Sept. 5 than any other day, and fewer people die on Sept. 9 than any other day. It’s as if life calls a truce during September, a cease fire from all the usual complications.

 The report is from the Department of Health Statistics and covers 2008. Each year the department publishes a host of unusual facts, including the busiest birth month, the most popular names for new babies and life expectancies for Virginians.  The report can be seen here. Some of its findings are: 

* The day of the week when most births occurred: Wednesday. It’s also the day when most deaths occurred.

* The day when fewest births occurred: Monday. Fewest deaths occurred on Friday.

* The deadliest month: March.

* Biggest baby: 13.4 pounds

* Youngest mother: 11

* Oldest mother: 55

* Youngest father: 13

* Oldest father: 74

* Most popular girl’s name: Emma

* Most popular boy’s name: William

* Life expectancy for white females: 81

* Life expectancy for black females: 78

* Life expectancy for white males: 76

* Life expectancy for black males: 70

* Top five causes of death: Heart disease, cancer, stroke, lung disease, unintentional injury


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    Those were some interesting facts. Thanks for the insight!