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Mary Washington Healthcare

Employee posterMediCorp Health System is changing its name. The company will now be called Mary Washington Healthcare.

MediCorp officials won’t talk about the change. They promise to talk about it tomorrow. But employees throughout the company have been asked to attend one of a series of meetings today to hear about a new direction for the company, including the new name.

Mary Washington Hospital will keep its name. But the 11-month-old Stafford Hospital Center will be now be simply Stafford Hospital. MediCorp has been the parent company’s name since 1983 when it was founded.

In a video on the company’s new Web site, Fred Rankin, president and CEO, says in explaining the change, “Before we decided to change our name, we talked to many people in our area. We found that people generally prefer the name Mary Washington. Mary Washington is associated with advanced medical capabilities and a warm and caring atmosphere.”

Stay tuned.

(Some of the details of the name change, including the video with Fred Rankin, can be found on the company’s new Web site here. The picture above is of one of the posters in the hospital, inviting employees to the name-change announcement. )


  • spooncroon

    “MediCorp officials won’t talk about the change.” Why not? You’d think they’d want to get this word out, not hide it. And really, they won’t talk about it but they’ll post a video about it? Go figure.

  • BLK

    Coming out of The Closet I see, Now that The World Knows I wonder if The Hospital will Still CLAIM to be NON PROFIT and FINALLY PAY TAXES !! HCA Will Be Paying Taxes, Like Medicorp Hospital Should have been doing all along !

  • funlovinggrrl

    because they wanted to tell their employees first.

  • fredness108

    May be just an overdue public relations move.
    Mary Washington Healthcare sounds like Mom bringing you chicken soup and vaporub. Medicorp sounds like a big faceless mass of brick towers on a hill, full of scientists in white coats plotting to take over the world.