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Rankin on the future, part 1

Fred Rankin, right, president and chief executive of MediCorp Health System, spoke to the members of theFred Rankin Fredericksburg Rotary last week. Rankin talked about MediCorp’s future, but he also touched on a number of other topics. A sampling:


On the arrival of HCA and its Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center: “We provide 72 percent of all health care in the region. We are the dominant health care provider. Even with competition coming, we will still be the dominant provider, and we intend to maintain our dominant status.”


On the sale of Potomac Hospital to Sentara Healthcare, Prince William Hospital to Novant Health and Culpeper Regional Hospital to the University of Virginia: “Our market place has changed dramatically in the last 12 months and will continue to change and will affect the way health care is practiced in this region.”  


On the addition of previously uninsured people to the Medicaid program, as proposed in both health care reform bills: “You add 35 million people to the rolls, they’re going to demand care. We as providers are going to have to find a way to care for them.”


And later on the same topic: “There’s not enough primary doctors in this world, certainly not in Fredericksburg, to take care of the onslaught. All of those people are going to end up in one place, because they’re not going to be able to be seen by primary care doctors. They’re going to end up in the emergency room.”


On the push to electronic medical records: “It will be mandatory within the next five years. You will not get paid by Medicare if you do not have electronic medical records. So we will be spending millions and millions of dollars on the electronic medical record.”