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Stafford Hospital: The numbers at 10 months

Stafford HospitalStafford Hospital Center marked its 10th month this week. The hospital opened Feb. 27 and has slowly increased the number of people served.

For example:

· Admissions have averaged 10 a day, up from eight a day earlier in the year. (All numbers are for February through the present. The comparisons are between the first four full months, March through June, and the first 10 full months, March through December. The statistics are from Debbie McInnis of the marketing and public relations department.)

·Nearly 90 people a day go through the emergency department, a number that’s changed little since the opening.

·The lab is doing double the number of procedures that it did earlier, and the radiology section is also busier, doing 100 images a day, up from 75.

·Births, at 22 a month, are up a little from 17 a month earlier in the year.

·The operating rooms and procedure rooms opened later. Since then, they’re averaging 90 operations and 60 endoscopies each month.