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Fredericksburg spared H1N1 deaths

Spreading fluFredericksburg is one of the few regions in the state that has not experienced an H1N1 death, according to a list released today by the Health Department. The total number of deaths for Virginia is now 30, after the announcement of the death this week of an adult female in the Lenowisco Health District in southwest Virginia.

The list, which is here, shows that all but one of the deceased had an underlying medical condition that probably contributed to their deaths. The exception was a child from the Piedmont Health District in central Virginia whose death was recorded on Oct. 22.

The list also shows that nearly two-thirds of those who have died were females, and that all but three were adults. The Health Department does not list the ages or hometowns of those who die. Instead, it says whether the person was an adult or child and in which of the 35 health districts they lived.

Dr. Karen Remley, state health commissioner, said in her weekly H1N1 briefing this morning that the Health Department asks doctors and hospitals to test for H1N1 when a patient dies of pneumonia or an influenza-like illness.

The state’s death toll of 30 from swine flu compares to the roughly 100 deaths that occur in Virginia each year from seasonal flu, she said.   



  • f4td4ddy

    1) suicide 2) house fires 3) car wrecks 4) HIV/AIDS 5) household accidents 6) rare cancers 7) old age 8) accidental drug side effects 9) pneumonia 10) falling down. Stop with the fear mongering over this swine flu already!