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Thoughts on last night’s flu-shot clinic

A couple of thoughts about last night’s H1N1 vaccination clinic at North Stafford High School:flu shots


·         If there was any question about whether parents want the shot for their children, it might have been answered last night. Families started lining up two hours early for the clinic. At one point the line stretched beside the school, down the hill toward the football stadium, then back across one of the practice fields, above. The school gave away more than 1,000 doses of vaccine and could have given away a couple hundred more.

·         Kids are amazing. Many parents had to coax and wrestle their children to sit for the shot.   It was common to hear children screaming one instant and absolutely silent after they got the shot. The nurses and many parents tried to shield the kids from seeing the needle, especially as the kids were being stuck. But the kids craned their necks; they wanted to see what was happening. The exception was one little girl who voluntarily covered her eyes.

·         To vaccinate 1,000 children is a major undertaking. Stafford officials had to think about registration, vaccination, recovery, crowd control and traffic control. Parents waited outside, then waited again inside the school. But everyone seemed tolerant of how massive the undertaking was.

·         The system of distributing tickets to those in line seemed to work. Parents knew that if they got a ticket, their child would be vaccinated. And those at the end of the line who didn’t get tickets knew that there was no more vaccine and that they could go home.


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