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A little H1N1 humor

And now it’s time for a little H1N1 humor.

The first offering is an animation by Dr. Steven Mussey, a Fredericksburg internist. Dr. Mussey is a regular contributor to the Healthy Living section of our paper. You might recognize his cartooning style from numerous public service spots that aired on local television. I remember spots on distracted driving and another on safe swimming in the Rappahannock River. In this 2-minute animation he pokes fun at the Health Department and the planning for the H1N1 vaccination campaign.

The animation can be found here. It’s featured on, where you’ll find other samples of his work.

The second offering is a bad joke, courtesy of my colleague Rusty Dennen. He got it from his son, Wes, who’s a school teacher in Spotsylvania County:

What’s the difference between avian flu and swine flu?

With avian flu you get tweetment. With swine flu you get oinkment.