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A pretty good joke

Keillor bookLibby Wasem, staff director at Fredericksburg Counseling Services, was one of the speakers at Wednesday night’s Cancer Survivor Symposium at Mary Washington Hospital. The session was sponosred by the hospital’s Cancer Center.

One of the things Wasem talked about was the healing power of laughter, recalling the writings of the late Norman Cousins, former editor of The Saturday Review and author of “Anatomy of an Illness.”

To practice what she preached, Wasem read from Garrison Keillor’s “Pretty Good Joke Book.” One of her offerings:

At the retirement home, the old lady said to the old man, “If you drop your pants, I bet I can tell your age.”

So the man dropped his pants, and she said, “You’re 83.”

“You’re right,” the man said. “How could you tell?”

“You told me yesterday,” the woman said.