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Ana Rendich and her kidney are doing well

Ana, left, and AileyAfter she read the recent story in our paper about Thomas Koontz and his kidney donation, Ana Rendich wrote to say that she is the person Koontz read about in his parish bulletin.

Rendich, a resident of Spotsylvania County, placed a notice in her parish bulletin at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, asking for help. Koontz, a member of that church, saw the notice and volunteered to donate. Rendich eventually received a kidney from a 35-year-old Kansas woman, while Koontz donated a kidney to a stranger in June. All of the surgeries took place at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

 One of Rendich's paintings

Rendich had kidney disease since childhood. She lost kidney function as she grew older and eventually went on dialysis. Finally, she had the transplant last September.

She said this week that she’s doing well but still taking medicines and receiving treatments. Her donor, Ailey Ellis, once lived in the Fredericksburg area and was a member of St. Patrick’s. She saw Rendich’s appeal in the online version of the church bulletin.

“Beautiful, beautiful lady. There is not a day that goes by that I do not say, thank you, Ailey,” Rendich said.

Rendich is a painter whose work is on display at the Art First gallery in Fredericksburg. She is a 50-year-old native of Argentina and the mother of three children.

(Ana Rendich, left, and Ailey Ellis are pictured above, three days after their Sept. 16, 2008, kidney surgeries at Johns Hopkins. Below it is a picture of one of the paintings in Rendich’s online gallery.)

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