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Runner’s account from half marathon

S. Bain, who describes herself as a 42-year-old, stay-at-home mom from Spotsylvania, wrote yesterday after reading the accounts of the runner who collapsed in Sunday’s half marathon. Bain was running just behind  the man who collapsed and stopped to help.

Bain said she resumed running about a year ago with the Seemommyrun group here in Fredericksburg. She’s run in many local races over the last year. The Marine Corps Historic Half was her third half marathon. She offers this account of what happened:

"I was one of the first ones to him because he fell right in front of me.  I can still see what he looked like when he fell and how hard he hit his head.  I am thankful that he had his emergency information on the back of his bib (many of us forget to do that), so we were able to use his name and try to talk to him.  He never said a word, but at first he seemed to try.  Then the breathing stopped and his pulse was gone, but his eyes were still open.  This might be normal, but since I am not a health care professional I had never seen it before.

"Thankfully one of the nurses who stopped was awesome at CPR.  Two of us were feeling for his pulse in different areas and when she gave compressions you could feel the blood moving through.  It felt like a long time, but I know it was only minutes before the ambulance got there, when one of the paramedics took over for her we had to keep telling her to push harder because we were not feeling the blood flow.  Thankfully they got the suction and the other equipment out and they took over.

"I hated to leave because I wanted to make sure he was going to be ok.  One of the other runners who had stopped, I believe from your story that it was Eastman, started running with me and we talked about it a little, but we both kept thinking about it and I know I kept praying for him.  I, too, called the hospital, but I only knew his first name and of course without being related they would not have given me any information.  I just really needed to know that he was going to be ok.

"Thank you for letting me relate my experience.  It is something I will probably think about in every race I run from now on."

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