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Dog dies after being left in a hot car; owner charged

Tragically, children and pets die every summer after being left in hot cars. Below is the latest case of a dog that had to be euthanized after being left in a hot car for two hours.

Please review these safety tips for animals and hot weather.

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Anne Arundel County Police have charged a New York City woman with animal abuse after her dog was left inside her car for two hours as temperatures reached 88 degrees. The animal was later euthanized.

Police say about 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, a woman ran into a Petco in Annapolis with her dog Chloe, a 15-year-old Yorkie. Authorities say the woman told workers that she had left Chloe in her car. Officers say employees called police, who summoned Animal Control.

Police say Chloe was in severe distress, and officers took the dog to a vet’s office. Authorities say doctors reported that Chloe’s organs were shutting down.

Police say Chloe was euthanized.

Forty-four-year-old Monifa Pendelton was charged Wednesday with four misdemeanor animal abuse offenses.


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  • Christmas52

    The woman was in PetCo????? She could have taken Chloe into the store with her! Throw the book at this person.

    • Michael Blevins

      I agree. Forest was right: you can’t fix stupid.

  • George Shaw

    She ran into Petco to get help, she wasn’t shopping in Petco.

  • Guest

    Monifa? ’nuff said.

  • Michael Blevins

    Same goes for your pets. It takes real idiots to leave a child or a pet in a closed up hot car. Add to your list to get them out any way you can if they are in obvious distress (break a window, pick the locks, whatever) and then worry about the consequences later. Any Judge who is worth their salt would agree with all of my suggestions above. Too many people would just do NOTHING AT ALL because they are simply too scared and sheepish to get involved. 18 is too many. Even 1 would be too many. And there are countless pets who have suffered this awful form of torture as well.